06 May 2010

Election 2010: Predictions, a hope and a fear

With so many variables, not least the number of undecided voters, we will have to wait for the exit poll to discover how many seats the parties are likely to get.  The only certainty is that Labour will not get an overall majority.

Predictions:  The Tories will have a working majority or form a minority administration.  There will not be another general election this year.

Hope: That Gordon Brown conducts himself with dignity.

Fear: That the Labour party will be humiliated tonight and turn in on itself as soon as the polls close.

The post-election analysis can wait, but Martin Bright accurately reflects the thoughts of this member of the AJ4PM committee:
It will be clear tomorrow that the Labour Party should have never allowed Gordon Brown to become leader of the party. If it loses badly it will only have itself to blame for failing to replace such an electoral liability when it had the chance. This electoral campaign has been dominated by the ageing patriarchs of the New Labour project and they have been found wanting. Prescott, Campbell, Mandelson and Straw have been too prominent. They need to be swept aside if the Labour Party is ever to recover.

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