03 May 2010

Keep an eye on the party leaders' movements during the coming days

It's a Bank Holiday, but that doesn't stop the pollsters carrying out their day job.  The more seasoned campaigners will wait until Tuesday night before paying too much attention to what they are telling us.  Meanwhile, with less than 72 hours to go until the polls open, the 'politics of fear' takes hold as the leaders criss-cross the country in an attempt to get the vote out:

On Sunday, Brown took himself off on a whirlwind tour of ten Labour seats in the London area:
He addressed a black gospel church, knocked on doors, watched breakdancers and roped in several B-list celebrities on what his spokesman called “Super Sunday”. At each stop he was greeted by placard-waving Labour supporters, some of whom were quietly ferried from one venue to another.
Meanwhile, Nick Clegg travelled to the North:
Nick Clegg mounted his most sustained assault on the Labour heartlands yesterday with a journey from Burnley to Redcar in which he pitched the Liberal Democrats as the party of the northern working class.

Today Mr Brown will travel to the East Coast, while Mr Cameron visits the North West for the morning, returning to London at lunchtime.

Mr Clegg will concentrate on London, giving interviews to LBC, GMTV and Talk Sport before travelling up the west coast as far as Scotland tomorrow.  He has organised town hall-style meetings with voters every evening before polling day

So, Brown is concentrating on the party's core vote, as Cameron and Clegg continue to attack the Labour heartlands.

Keep an eye on how the leaders schedules chop and change over the coming days, as the parties canvassing returns and private polling dictate where they should be concentrating their efforts.

Also, watch for the security that surrounds David Cameron as we move towards polling day.  If it tightens, that will give a good indication that he will get over the line.

The polls may not give an accurate picture during the final push, but the movements of the leaders will tell us what is actually going on.

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