31 January 2010

Is the Tory party losing the plot?

What is going on with Team Cameron?  Yesterday, we had a little discussion about the Tory party and the small problem they are having with their policy agenda.

Today, and not for the first time, up pops an article detailing what is going to happen if they win the election.  There is a cunning plan for the return of Iain Duncan Smith.

Cameron’s priorities before the election are to demonstrate that he has the right policies for the country.  The management of his proposed government are the subject for private discussions with the civil service at the present time.

They shouldn't be in the newspapers and certainly not now.

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  1. I have 'dugg' this article.

    The sad thing is that whatever disarray the Conservatives are in, over human rights, the equality act, economy, health, family taxation inter alia, they might still 'steal' the election. Save for bringing back slavery, I am not sure what can stop the "time for a change" sentiment. Actually supporting Gordon Brown as leader would help (that's why I launched my small "We're Backing Brown" group on Facebook.)

  2. You say, "Actually supporting Gordon Brown as leader would help". Well up to a point.

    The overriding issue for the Labour party is to stop Cameron forming a government and Brown, in my judgement, is not the best person to do that.

    Loyalty to the Labour party is one thing. Loyalty to a person who is not fit to be Prime Minister is another matter altogether.

  3. I must say I disagree totally. With not supporting Labour's and Gordon's massive achievements, I feel that Labour deserves its position after the next election - that is opposition, Balls may not even have a seat. Good luck!!

  4. I should revise that I disagree with you "up to a point". There is a feeling amongst many that Gordon is a hindrance to the re-election of Labour, rather than an asset. However, when push comes to shove, the "alternative" of some crackpot Cameron/Clegg coalition in my opinion is far worse. I think we agree on this point. So apologies for my rather abrupt reaction - forgive me, I am a Gordon supporter "through and through", but I am well versed in the charge sheet against him. Best wishes though.

  5. That is my point. Brown is a hindrance.

    There is no need to apologise.

    I have a view, as you do. I am always happy to have a debate.