29 December 2008

What will Obama do?

The escalating crisis in the Middle East changes the dynamics rather for Obama as he prepares to take office.  Obviously the economy will be his priority, but it will take a while for him to do anything on this that will make a difference.

Gaza gives him the opportunity stamp himself on the world stage without delay.  What will he do?  Will he be different and attempt a new approach?

As usual Robert Fisk puts his views bluntly.  He is right, what will the latest bombing solve?

Brown needs to be careful.  His NY spin will be the economy and how he and Obama can save the world.  Obama may have other ideas.

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  1. Fisks exchange rate argument is appauling. Israel needs to defend its borders but more specifically, the lives of its citizens. A country with neighbours that lob bombs and rockets over the fence is one that needs a response. Hamas can't be surprised by this response. The world community's outrage is comic. The indecision of the UN seems to sum it up.