17 December 2008

Is Nick Robinson with it?

Does Nick Robinson think or does he just do Mandy's bidding whilst being paid by the taxpayer?

His latest post:

The man who's resigned his government post this morning has declared that it "beggars belief" that Dutch company TNT could be brought in to advise Royal Mail on its operations.

Jim McGovernWhat really does beggar belief is the idea that Jim McGovern could sit in the department for business as bag carrier for the minister responsible for the Royal Mail, Pat McFadden, and not have known for many weeks that this was precisely what was being planned.

Could his resignation have more to do with the fact that the SNP are targeting his Dundee West constituency? The nationalists already control the council, both Holyrood seats and the neighbouring Westminster seat?Does he really believe that Jim McGovern knew about what was being proposed by Mandy "for weeks"?

The truth is that Labour spun him this line and he could not print in fast enough on his blog.

I am looking forward to his impartial comments during the election?

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