21 December 2008

Kinnock is a wind bag

Not that anybody had any doubt, but Kinnock was a complete wind bag on Marr this morning, whereas was Hague was pithy and pitched his answers spot on to Marr’s awful questioning.

The point was proved at the end of the programme when Hague’s quotes on the social fund proposals lead the news.

What should be remembered is that this is a stunt by Labour’s spin machine to test the water.  The latest proposal will not see the light of day.  Dizzy has already fallen through the trap door.

This is just a diversion from the real crisis in the government at the moment which is split on what to do about Jaguar.  So the spin on the social fund has worked, as Jaguar did not get a mention.

Rentoul in the Indy this morning  sets out the Government's dilemma with his usual precision.

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