19 December 2008

Brown really did says this

Brown really is becoming delusional.  A pity that Dr Anthony Clare is no longer with us.  He would have a field day.

Just today Brown said this:

he had given "no thought" to an election in 2009.  I thought the guy was a politician!

he insisted the country had been "the victim of a global downturn".  Nothing to do with my policies mate!

he said it was "unfortunate" that the UK had been "unable to avoid being affected" by events elsewhere.  Really.  So it is not the global economy after all!

he said "We face problems, many of which we have no control over,"  Apart from when the economy does well.  Then it is all down to Brown.

Enough said.

More importantly he is getting away with these silly statements that he no doubt believes.  The Tories have no response.  They had better get one quick otherwise 4 more years of opposition beckons, on matter what the UK Polling Report says

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