28 December 2008

Recession 'a test of character'. For whom Gordon?

Here we go.  Brown is becoming more delusional as time goes by.  Just read his “leaked” New Year message, Recession 'a test of character'.  His main point seems to be:

In next week's New Year message, the prime minister is expected to urge the public to "display the same spirit" as their predecessors did in World War II.

There is no stopping him as he attempts to move all the blame on the current weakness in the UK economy onto others, and the solutions also.

Then there is the new Labour spin that Obama will come to the rescue:

He will also describe US president-elect Barack Obama as a "catalyst" for tackling global issues.

Next we will have Brown suggesting that he meet Obama in a ship off Newfoundland just as Churchill meet Roosevelt in 1941.

Have you started smoking cigars Gordon?


  1. Apart from hi-jacking an inappropriate other time, Brown also tries to imply that we are all in it together.
    We are not. He and the other Hoons are on above average income, generous expenses and a gold plated pension. The prudent, whom he claimed to admire, have been punished by his regime. Savings and pensions destroyed. What a strange world he inhabits.
    I shall read the book mentioned in an earlier post. Should you have any interest in Russia/USSR, read Imperium by the late Ryzard Kapuchinski. A masterpiece.

  2. 'The recession is a test of character the British people must pass'.

    We all know what Brown means by a 'test of character', don't we? It's a coded reference to nulabour's New Feudalism: food, 'lectric and water rationing, huge taxation, house and savings grabs, window and widow taxes, more authoritarian life controls than us great unwashed of UK ever experienced in war time...unburied bodies and 3 day weeks too.

    Meanwhile, the nulabour new feudal elite and their rich donor chums live it up on the black market. Welcome to the postmodern medieval age!

    Brown will make oblique references to sacrifice. Yet are Brown and nulabour going to share the sacrifices? I should bl**dy cocoa! The sacrifices will be all ours, as per bl**dy usual.

    So, what about your test, Gordon? When are you going to stop half inching clunking fistfuls of our money out of our public purse, cut your massive pay, pension and tax free perks and start paying the tax percentages you force us to pay?

    If it's war time spirit you want, Brown, share and share alike, then it's time you were rationed off the black market. Time you paid appropriate income tax...and for your own parking and speeding fines, food, household goods and light bulbs too, Mr Bean.

    Auntie Flo'

  3. "Have you started smoking cigars Gordon?"

    The biggest black marketeer of them all would never smoke a cigar, Howard.

    Brown would double the taxation, or totally ban, all cigars and ciggies and those, like Winston, who smoke them, if he had his way.

    He's paranoid about smoking and so much much else, because, like all petty dicatators, he's a weedy hypochondriac and coward.

    Littlejohn and his girlfriend had guided tour of 10 Downing Street. LJ said Brown's bathroom has a whacking great pair of full sea goggles that he wears in his bath.

    Can you imagine Winnie sitting in his bath wearing goggles and snorkel, or wearing protector specs in the desert as Brown does?

    For all his faults and terrible errors, when there was a siege, Winnie was there, personally directing it. He loved us great unwashed and came out to meet us, the real people, not hand picked rent-a-crowds.

    And Winnie wore dusty war time fatigues and overalls, not a hand stitched, designer lounge suit, when meeting the people or inspecting troops at the front.

    Auntie Flo'

  4. In your blog's masthead you use the phrase "You never now". In order for this to make sense, it should say "You never know".

  5. I will read your book recommendation.

  6. Perhaps it would be appropriate if Brown "Saviour of the world - let his name be praised" - made his New Years speech wearing military uniform, bedecked with as many medals as possible but including the Victoria Cross of course.