31 March 2010

Gordon Brown to remain as PM shock

The dead-tree press have cleared another forest to report the non-news that:

In the event of a hung parliament, Mr Brown initially remains the Prime Minister, and is entitled to have the first attempt at forming a government.

As has always been the case.

Meanwhile, over at The Guardian:

It also emerged today that it is possible that the chancellor, Alistair Darling, could even remain in his post – in charge of policy on sterling – pending the formation of the government, even in the event that he has lost his parliamentary seat.

It has been the custom and practice for years, even if they lose their seats, that existing ministers stay in post until a new government is formed.

Finally, over at The Telegraph:

The new guidelines make it clear that the Queen could refuse a request for a new election if it were close to the first. The last hung parliament was in 1974 when the Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath lost the Commons in the February general election, failed to form a coalition with the Liberals and resigned several days later.

Harold Wilson formed a minority Labour government and in November asked the Queen for another election.

Fact check: The second 1974 general election took place on 10 October.

A no news story.  Move along.

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1 comment:

  1. Best quote from the guardian article:

    "The Queen may also have to play a role in the event of a hung parliament"

    And this gem comes from the Guardian's political editor?