29 July 2009

Paxman watch out. Nick Robinson is doing splendidly


Mandy deserves another post all to himself following his interview on Newsnight, but we should first discuss Nick Robinson’s career development.

Robinson has been first class anchoring Newsnight this week.  He chaired an excellent debate on the NHS on Monday and last night we get an interview with the real prime minister.  The BBC should take note.  Is Nick in the right job?  Last year, in a summer slot, he was superb on Today and this year we have a repeat performance.

Newsnight could do with some new presenters and what better than to have Nick Robinson in the lead up to the election.  He and Paxman with the gorgeous Emily Maitlis, to boost the ratings on dull news day, would be a fine trio.  Wark and Esler could be despatched at anytime without anyone noticing their absence.

That leaves us to find a new political editor.  James Landale anyone?

Newsnight could do with a shake up and the slot after the 11pm news needs a complete revamp.

Let’s hear it for Nick Robinson. 

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  1. Gorgeous Emily Maitlis?? Do you only look at the cover of books Howard?

    I have to admit she's a slight improvement on Kirsty Wark though.

  2. If you are a diet that doesn't mean you stop looking at the menu!

    I thought you would like comrade Kirsty. Follow Scot and all that.

  3. Howard, I always judge people on their abilities and suitabilities rather than their nationalities.

    At times though a specific nationality is required for a specific job.

  4. Don't take me that seriously. I was winding you up. Hope I did not offend.

  5. I think the trick here is that Robinson seems better suited to a 45-minute format than a 45 second soundbite [though he can do 'em] where he sounds a bit ITV, or on a 3-hour slog through the Today Programme.

    This could be his slot, if he wanted it - but the trouble is that the 'political editor' slot is the sexy one everybody wants.

    But he can't be doing that forever...