22 February 2009

Twitter, BBC web site and Labour


Am I the only one to notice (my Twitter feed went wild) the number of Labour spin stories that hit the BBC web site early on Sunday morning:

Watchdog probes Tory donor's firm

Brown wants 'old-fashioned' banks

Darling slams Salmond over budget

Jacqui Smith: Children out late 'unacceptable'

And of course in the rush for the BBC to announce Brown’s trip to the White House, they got the facts wrong.

There is nothing wrong with Labour attempting to set the agenda for Sunday after an awful week, but the BBC’s compliance appears rather transparent.

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  1. Already noticed this phenomena myself. Lot's of Labour spin that the BBC is lapping up just to try to dominate the Sunday morning paper headlines.

    I am braced for Andrew Marr telling us how great it is that Brown is the first European leader to visit Obama.

  2. Ted..
    You didn't have to wait long then..

    He did go for the second home secretary a bit harder than usual.